Brief Summary

This project presented an exciting opportunity for collaborative engagement in a brand communication initiative. The primary goal was to craft a project eligible for submission to the prestigious Pendoring Awards, emphasizing the inclusion of South African languages. The challenge involved working within a multi-disciplinary team, tasked with swiftly developing a creative solution. The objective was not only to address a genuine brand communication problem but also to produce work that achieved an award-winning standard while celebrating linguistic diversity.


Zambuk faces a prevalent perception of being linked to impoverished communities, labeled as "ghetto," and tied to townships. This perception limits its potential to appeal to a broader audience. To address this, a nuanced approach is needed to redefine Zambuk's brand image and highlight its qualities beyond societal stereotypes.

Concept & solution

The TV advertisement concept features a successful protagonist from a township who continues to use Zambuk, challenging the product's stereotype. Titled "The Makoya Thasa. Noma Kuphi." (Authentic Lip Therapy, No Matter Where You Go), the ad is entirely in South African colloquial language, Tsotsi Taal. This emphasizes the authenticity of the protagonist, who, despite success, remains true to his roots. The visual narrative showcases diverse environments, reinforcing the message that Zambuk transcends socio-economic boundaries. The concept aims to reshape Zambuk's image, highlighting its credibility and timeless appeal for individuals from all walks of life.


"The Makoya Thasa. Noma Kuphi." revolves around challenging stereotypes associated with Zambuk. The TV advertisement features a successful protagonist from a township who authentically continues to use Zambuk. The use of South African colloquial language, Tsotsi Taal, adds cultural richness and reinforces the narrative's authenticity. Visual storytelling takes the viewer through diverse environments, highlighting that Zambuk transcends societal expectations. The tagline "Noma Kuphi" emphasizes the universal appeal of Zambuk's authentic lip therapy. Overall, the creative approach aims to reshape Zambuk's image by celebrating authenticity, cultural pride, and universal relatability.

Thandokuhle Ranaka

Tshegofatso Walter Segooa

Josh Bizimana

Talique Thomas

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