Tshepo Jeans
Mobile App

Brief Summary

We were tasked to curate a transmedia campaign to establish an emotional connection, interact with and build relationships with the audience while telling a story that can be linked with the Tshepo Jeans “WEAR YOUR CROWN” message.


We found that the Tshepo Jeans target audience is one that values the roots of the brand more than its clothing. In order to further engage with them, we build customer relationships and engage with them on platforms that immerse them into the brand story to make them feel as if they’re part of a community. These platforms include social media, books, telecommunications and digital collectables.

Concept & solution

We have curated a the concept “Create Your Kingdom” which aims to educate the customer on Tshepo Jeans. We aim to achieve this by launching a lookbook which informs customers on latest trends and how to style them, followed by an e-commerse application for convinient shopping with an educational game element about the origins of the brand and finally a digital collectable rewarded to customers who complete the game.


The "Create Your Kingdom" campaign addresses the deep-seated desire of Tshepo Jeans customers to be more than consumers. By merging gaming, storytelling, and NFTs, we create an ecosystem where the brand becomes a living, evolving entity, and the customers, its co-authors. The gamified app ensures sustained engagement, the lookbook deepens the emotional connection, and the NFTs provide a tangible expression of exclusivity.

In essence, this transmedia campaign goes beyond selling clothes; it sells an experience, a sense of belonging, and a narrative customers can actively shape. By inviting them to "Create Your Kingdom," Tshepo Jeans establishes not just customers but advocates who, through their participation, become integral to the ongoing story of the brand.

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