Platō Coffee Tastemakers

Project brief

As part of Brand Challenge we were tasked to create and develop a concept to rejuvenate Plato Coffee’s corporate identity, fostering a more relatable connection with customers. We aim to enhance customer engagement, creating a concept that resonates with their preferences. Additionally, the challenge involves implementing a streamlined system allowing customers to conveniently order and pay via their mobile phones. Furthermore, we seek to develop comprehensive items and welcome packs tailored for franchisees to ensure a consistent and impactful brand experience.


Understanding our dynamic Plato Coffee customer base reveals a profound insight into their preferences and lifestyles. A significant portion of our audience is deeply connected to their cellphones, relying on these devices for information, communication, and, notably, their coffee experience. This insight positions mobile phones as a catalyst for a more engaging relationship with the Plato Coffee brand.

Concept & Solution

The “Tastemakers” concept for Plato Coffee is a visionary approach aimed at our target market, redefining the coffee experience as a communal journey. Every customer becomes an integral part of a vibrant community, contributing to the flavor, ambiance, and ethos of Plato Coffee. The solution includes monthly exclusive coffee blends, a designated “Tastemakers Corner” for interactive experiences, regular workshops, a user-friendly e-commerce app, social media influencing to amplify the community, a refreshed brand identity, and a franchisee box for consistent brand experiences. This integrated approach transforms Plato Coffee into a dynamic space where each cup tells a unique story, fostering a sense of belonging and making every visit a memorable and participatory experience for our diverse community of coffee enthusiasts.


The “Tastemakers” concept for Plato Coffee represents a transformative approach, turning the coffee experience into a dynamic communal journey where customers actively shape the brand’s identity. Through features like the monthly “Coffee Blend of the Month” and a dedicated “Tastemakers Corner,” the concept fosters exploration and collaboration. Interactive workshops, an e-commerce app, and a strong social media strategy extend the Tastemakers’ influence beyond the physical store, creating an engaging and inclusive digital presence. The introduction of a refreshed brand identity and a franchisee box ensures a consistent experience across all outlets. Overall, “Tastemakers” positions Plato Coffee as a dynamic and participatory space, where every cup narrates a unique story, and each customer plays a vital role in the brand’s ongoing narrative.


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