Nike Run Club
Animation & Motion Graphics

Brief Summary

The overarching goal of this project is to conduct a meticulous analysis of my current digital design portfolio, pinpointing areas necessitating improvement or enhancement. Following this assessment, the objective is to systematically apply an appropriate design process, integrating knowledge and skills, to craft a high-quality design piece. This piece should not only rectify the identified gaps but also serve as a tangible demonstration of my proficiency and expertise in the dynamic field of digital design at an industry-ready level.


The analysis of my digital design portfolio revealed a notable absence of animation and motion graphics, representing a crucial gap. Recognising this, there is an opportunity for innovation and expansion in aligning the portfolio with contemporary industry trends. Incorporating animation and motion graphics not only addresses this gap but also enhances the overall user experience, showcasing a comprehensive skill set in the dynamic field of digital design.

Concept & solution

To address the gap in my portfolio, I devised a solution – crafting an animated advertisement for the Nike Run Club app. Motivated by research revealing a rising obesity trend in South Africa, the concept, "Make Moves," coincidentally tackles the missing element of movement in my portfolio. The animated advert aims to inspire people to adopt an active lifestyle, leveraging dynamic visuals to encourage engagement with the Nike Run Club app and promote positive changes in physical activity habits. This solution not only bridges the portfolio gap but also aligns with societal health concerns, showcasing a comprehensive skill set in digital design.


The "Make Moves" animated advertisement for the Nike Run Club app serves as a vibrant narrative that not only bridges the crucial gap of movement in my portfolio but also promotes healthier living. Featuring an animated character immersed in various exercises, the advert harmoniously integrates with Nike's brand identity, showcasing iconic visuals like the Nike swoosh. The storyline establishes emotional connections, portraying movement as a transformative journey encompassing physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Set to the energizing soundtrack of "Runnin'" by The Pharcyde, the advertisement celebrates the empowering spirit of movement, encouraging individuals to embrace an active lifestyle. Through this creative approach, the advertisement aligns with the promotion of healthier living while embodying the Nike brand ethos of resilience and self-discovery. The compelling call-to-action invites viewers to download the app, making the journey towards a healthier, more active lifestyle accessible and engaging.

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