I’m Phakamile Basson, a digital designer based in Johannesburg, driven by a relentless passion for creativity and innovation. Each pixel in my work is more than a visual—it’s an embodiment of my soul. Guided by the principles of “the fire within” and the artistry of “meraki,” I craft digital experiences that go beyond aesthetics. Every design is a unique fusion of skill, dedication, and a commitment to elevating the digital realm.

Bachelor of Arts

Digital Design
Vega School

National Diploma


Putting a piece of yourself into your work. PASSION

Ignited by an unwavering “fire within,” I infuse every design with my passionate essence, creating visually compelling and deeply resonant work. As I channel this fervor into advertising, my specialization lies in crafting captivating multimedia content that propels brands to new heights. Elevate your brand experience with a touch of authentic passion, translating into distinctive and impactful visuals.

Brand Identities

Work Experience


Web & App Design

I conceptualised and brought to life visually captivating and user-friendly interfaces for websites and mobile applications, ensuring a seamless blend of design principles, user experience, and brand identity to craft engaging digital experiences.

Animation & Motion Graphics

I conceived and animated dynamic visuals that enhance storytelling and user engagement, leveraging design principles and creativity to create compelling and immersive digital experiences.


We captured and edited footage to craft visually compelling narratives, employing creativity and technical expertise to produce polished videos that aligned with the intended message and brand aesthetic.

Integrated Campaigns

I orchestrated cohesive visual strategies, seamlessly blending elements of web design, app design, animation, motion graphics and branding. I ensured a unified brand presence across diverse digital platforms, successfully delivering engaging and synchronized campaigns that resonated with the target audience.

Augmented Reality

I pioneered immersive experiences by conceptualizing and developing AR interfaces that seamlessly integrated digital elements into the real world

Experimental Work

I conceived and executed visually striking print materials, ensuring a harmonious blend of design elements to convey brand messages effectively. I translated abstract ideas into tangible visual representations, fostering creative solutions that resonated with the target audience





Premiere Pro

After Effects

Final Cut Pro


Adobe Xd

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